Amber Heard Sells Her Desert Retreat For $1.05M As She Scrambles To Pay $10M In Johnny Depp’s Defamation Case

Bellegured Hollywood star Amber Heard has offered off her lavish barren region retreat within the Yucca valley for $1.05 Millions

as she scrambles to pay $10 million in compensatory damage to ex husband Johnny Depp. According to the Zillow belongings facts

the house exchanged fingers on July 18th. New Jersey based totally Rickard and Carol-Jeanette Jorgnesen

are the new owners of the cozy home. With this reality deal, Amber Heard wallet about double the profit - $480k, then she sold it over

three years ago for $570k thru an anonymous consider. The new owners are the founders of Jorgensen & Company LLC.

There are nonetheless speculations surrounding the whale actual property deal. It is doubtful whether the property clearly belongs to Amber Heard.

The property was bought through a trust that has some ties with the actress. Yet at this point is a wild conjecture. How the Jorgensens

discovered this personal list is also very confounding. The wasteland crib changed into defined as ‘the danger to own a once in a lifetime property’ within the real property list.

The Yucca Valley pad spans over 2,450 Sq Feet boasting a picturesque view of the wasteland with rocks and mountains. There’s a 110 foot rope bridge that results in the gazebo.