Andy’s Man Club – making 7pm on Monday the time for men who need to talk

Everybody here has a story to tell and step one is telling it Or step two is telling it due to the fact you cannot keep away from the belief

that step one is walking into the room. The irony of Andy’s Man Club is that nobody can quite deliver themselves to head. When they do, 

their handiest regret is they waited goodbye “It took me five weeks,” says George Willshaw. “Five times I pulled up at the door and didn’t move

in. I tried and tried, and then I did.” Hundreds like him understand the feeling Andy Wilson went to his first assembly with stereotypical

doubts in his head. “If I can’t speak to friends and family approximately my problems, why am I going to speak to a load 

of strangers?” he asks rhetorically Alex Pattison drove to Andy’s Man Club (AMC) questioning he would come upon “a 

load of loons” — after which drove domestic smiling for the first time in a long time. Carl Etherington stored setting the day off till he 

heard a podcast about the charity and bit the bullet. From there, there has been no searching lower back George, Andy, Alex

 and Carl are facilitators at the Castleford branch of AMC, a charity installation to offer guide and area for men with personal anxieties and