His Fulham teammates had been astonished as they cheered Robinson after he completed the trick Antonee Robinson 

(Picture Credit: Twitter) Fulham defender Antonee Robinson, who's additionally referred to as ‘Jedi’ justified his name to his teammates.

He confirmed off an insane magic trick wherein he started out shuffling a deck of playing cards and accompanied it via narrating

an amazing tale as he overturned each character card The Left-Back commenced: “I became taking walks down the road and there

had been those two redheads,” after which he pulled out the Queen of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds. Antonee Robinson continued: 

Their friends got here over it changed into two brunettes.” He overturned the Queen of Spades and Queen of Clubs down on the table.

The USA global then persisted, “I’m Jedi best to satisfy you,” as he pulled out the Jack of Hearts. His Fulham teammates regarded

increasingly more ingrained with Antonee Robinson as he persevered his story. He then said, “We’re going to a party at 673 King Street,” 

and amazingly pulled out the Six of Diamonds, Seven of Clubs, Three of Diamonds and the King of Spades Robinson persisted his story,

calling out each of the subsequent cards for the ENTIRE deck. His Fulham teammates were astonished as they cheered Antonee Robinson whilst he finished

up the deck. The video has long gone viral on social media because it has garnered a huge 4.Four million views with four,321 Retweets; 1,304  

Quote Tweets and  27.7K  Likes After happening to the Championship closing season, Fulhman comes as much as the Premier League

at the back of one of the greatest seasons within the history of the match. The Cottagers registered ninety points while scoring 106 dreams with a intention distinction of sixty three.