Anurag Kashyap reveals why Indian men are attacking Ranveer Singh over nude pics: 'He broke our self-confidence'

Anurag Kashyap said Ranveer Singh's nude photoshoot for Paper magazine broke his and different Indian men's self-cofidence. 

Anurag Kashyap has reacted to Ranveer Singh's new photoshoot Anurag Kashyap has joked that it broke his self-confidence

after he noticed Ranveer Singh's nude photoshoot for Paper mag. The filmmaker said that he believes this is also the reason why Ranveer's

snap shots have got a lot backlash. Ranveer has had multiple FIRs registered in opposition to him because his nude pix were released on the

internet PETA invites Ranveer Singh to pose nude again Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu, who stars in his next directorial Dobaara

reacted to Ranveer's photoshoot during the movie promotions. The duo also stated the sector is patriarchial as they spoke 

approximately the public's response to the photos Asked about Ranveer Singh's photoshoot in a recent interplay with ETimes, 

Anurag joked, "Tabahi to machai usne (He did cause destruction). Not only he broke the net he broke my self-self assurance.

How will I discover it again? Hindustan mein har mard isi baat se pareshaan hoke Ranveer Singh pe assault kar raha hai (Every man in  

India is annoyed because of this cause that is why they may be attacking Ranveer Singh) During the conversation, Taapsee 

changed into requested why she thinks it might have been received in a different way if it became achieved with the aid of a girl, she 

stated, "Because we're a patriarchal society." Anurag brought to this that the whole world is patriarchal in standard, and said, "More than half of of our fights are  

precipitated due to the reality that we as a society partner the honour of everything with a lady's vagina. That's the foundation motive of the issues. I 

idea there was a time when it became converting and we have been coming to a alternate and things had been being progressive.