Atlanta Braves: Way Too Early Relief Pitcher Free Agent Target 

The Atlanta Braves are in the heat of a tight division race with the New York Mets, being primed to once again make a deep playoff 

run. However, it is always fun to look to the future to see what names will be added to the roster in the off-season Of course, this is a “way too early” 

look at who the Atlanta Braves could add in the off-season, but the fact remains the same, additions will need to be made. So, just like chess, 

it is important to look  several moves ahead if you want to be successful Make no mistake, the Atlanta Braves’ front office

has looked to the future to make business decisions they have already made, as well as plan for when they get to the off-season phase of 

building a uture roster. What positions should the Atlanta Braves target in the off-season? Fortunately for the Atlanta Braves,

their roster is set to be solid for years to come, filled with young controllable talent. However, there are still 

some minor holes that need to be filled in the off-season. There are some valuable players that are scheduled to 

leave in the off-season via free agency:  Charlie Morton has an expensive club option that may not be exercise, and Jake Odorizzi has a player