Bella Hadid faced 'racist name-calling' while growing up in California for being Arab

Bella Hadid confronted racist call-calling and bullying in school for being an Arab, she revealed in trendy interview.

In a new interview with GQ Magazine, the stick insect talked about how disconnected she felt dwelling in California

and far from her Palestinian roots after her parents got divorced. The sister of Gigi Hadid and daughter of the Palestinian

actual property developer Mohamed Hadid and Dutch version Yolanda Hadid, moved to California at a totally young age with her family from Washington DC.

“I changed into with my Palestinian facet [of the family in D.C.],” Bella advised the hole. “And I got extracted when we moved to California.”

“I might have loved to develop up and be with my dad each day and studying and really being able to practice,

simply in standard being able to live in a Muslim culture. But I wasn’t given that,” she shared.