Is Dan Bilzerian Married? Internet Playboy Posts Cryptic Wedding Photo

Dan Bilzerian has sent his army of fratboys and crypto-bros right into a spin this week, after he posted a cryptic picture that seems to imply

he’s officially tied the knot. In the publish, which became shared to his 32.Nine million Instagram fans, Bilzerian may be visible 

dressed to the nines in a stunning all-black tuxedo, linked arm in arm with a lovely associate clutching a bouquet of white flora.

Adding gas to the hearth, Bilzerian captioned the picture “I finally did it”, suggesting the poker playing, cigar smoking, marijuana growing 

growing entrepreneur has in the end ditched his playboy individual for top. Or has he Dan Bilzerian Wedding Rumours While the internet 

turned into brief to leap on the admiration educate, throwing out a swathe of congratulatory messages and hearts, it doesn’t take 

a genius to discern obtainable’s likely something deeper at play. Bilzerian is widely recognized to be a troll, taking outstanding satisfaction in having 

a bit of amusing along with his extensive social following. Just some months returned, the Ignite CEO and founder posted a photograph

of him gambling tennis with a tremendous racquet actually with the caption “Don’t take your self too significantly”,

whilst back in 2016, he famously referenced his ‘chicken legs’. Over the years, he’s been no stranger to trolling critics with a trademark I-don’t-give-a-f*ck mind-set,

making us assume the Dan Bilzerian wedding photograph is just some other off-the-cuff submit from the social media mega-big name.

Taking a closer examine the recent submit, which other than a easy French Riviera geo-tag was nearly devoid of any context,

you begin to pull apart the rumours. First off, his companion arrives in a sage inexperienced dress, a famous option for bridesmaids. Sure,

the perception of sporting all-white is as a substitute dated and traditionalist, but it’s nonetheless commonplace and this photo would propose