Will 2022 Dodgers break all-time MLB wins record?

The 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers could very well be the most talented team in MLB history. By the end of this year’s 

regular season and postseason, that honorific could be stamped officially in the record books.Once upon

a time, it was the 2022 Yankees chasing history’s crown, racing out to absurd records of 49-16, 56-20, and 61-23 

before their season came crashing down like a house of cards, injuring Anthony Rizzo as it collapsed When the Yanks hit

that 49-16 peak, the Dodgers were 40-24, sporting an extremely good record, but perhaps a more familiar one. Everyone knew 

these Dodgers were great, but maybe they’d just be regulation,100-win great before moving on to bigger challenges in October.

Well … no, they had another regular-season run left in ’em. Since that date, the Dodgers have gone 54-18, which is normal,

bringing a 94-42 mark into a three-game road series at Petco that could leave them with the NL West crown, returning

it to its rightful city So how high can the Dodgers fly? 116 wins in a regular season is the all-time mark, set by the 1906