Keeping Score: A dud of a UMass opener New coaching group of workers, equal score for UMass

Good morning! New coaching group of workers, equal score for UMass soccer: 42-10 losers at Tulane. How bad turned into it? Let us

remember the nays Offensive coordinator Steve Casula’s -quarterback machine of Gino Campiotti and Brady Olson combined

to complete 4 passes for 17 yards and threw 3 interceptions. The longest bypass became 11 yards to Michigan transfer George Johnson.

What’s the saying, coaches who use  quarterbacks have no quarterbacks? The most effective time it worked in those elements

became when Mike Duprey used Ken Suhl and Brodie Conant East Longmeadow’s C.J. Kolodziey shanked his 

first college punt attempt, Tulane were given a free play on an offside name and finished a 33-yarder to the UMass intention line, 

and Olson telegraphed a sideline skip that Tulane’s Macon Clark picked off. Tulane color announcer Steve Barrios referred to as it “a 

present through Olson.” The container score didn’t include the attendance — it read zero — but crowd photographs showed

a sparse target market typical for a recreation among the 88th and a hundred and thirtieth-ranked teams within the FBS. Tulane sent in the