Kunal Verma takes 'inspiration' from Ranveer Singh, poses nude for photo

Television actor Kunal Verma has posed nude for photos. The actor revealed that he took suggestion from Ranveer Singh Kunal Verma

recently posed nude for photographs Kunal took suggestion from Ranveer Singh Kunal is excellent recognized for his role in Tujh Sang Preet

Lagai Sajna After Ranveer Singh posed b*** bare for an international mag, more than one celebrities took inspiration from the 

actor Kunal Verma, who is excellent recognized for his position in Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna, lately posed nude for pics Kunal has taken

the net with the aid of hurricane with his bold photograph. Needless to feature, Verma has acquired blended reactions to his ambitious

move on social media. In an interview, Kunal found out that he took concept from Ranveer Singh and did the shoot KUNAL VERMA POSES NUDE

While sharing his ambitious photograph on Instagram, Kunal Verma captioned his publish, "I actually have confined (money emojis)

to spend so I chose to spend it on my frame (sic) After he shared the photo, Kunal spoke to The Times Of India approximately his ambitious picture.

When requested if Ranveer stimulated him to post the photograph, shedding all inhibitions, the actor stated, "Of route, any person 

has to take the initiative. And Ranveer did that definitely superbly. But of path, hamare logon ko usme nudity dikhti hai. Ranveer doesn’t

Ranveer doesn’t need to do it, but he did it. You can’t provide an explanation for to human beings. I did take notion from him and I  

didn’t see any nudity behind it. I even have positioned the photo and if you see cautiously even supposing I put on a mini or micro shorts,