Nathan Chen, Vincent Zhou not entered in figure skating Grand Prix Serie

Nathan Chen and Vincent Zhou, the U.S.’ top two male singles parent skaters, are not entered in the autumn Grand Prix Series  

after each said they'll return to university studies and may not compete once more None of the reigning Olympic 

gold medalists are entered within the Grand Prix Series: Anna Shcherbakova and all the Russians are banned indefinitely for the war in Ukraine,

the Chinese pair of Sui Wenjing and Han Cong have now not publicly stated why they're sitting out and French ice dancers Gabriella Papadakis 

 and Guillaume Cizeron formerly said they are taking this season off None of the U.S. Singles skaters from the Beijing Olympics are 

on the entry lists — Chen, Zhou, Jason Brown, Alysa Liu, Mariah Bell and Karen Chen — even though skaters can nonetheless be 

brought to fields GRAND PRIX ENTRIES: Men yr-old who won Olympic gold in February, plans to return to Yale past 

due this summer time and said in May that he doesn’t think he'll compete next season and doesn’t understand if he will ever go back to competition.

Zhou, a 21-year-vintage who could not compete personally at the Olympics due to COVID,  has stated he will cross back to 

Brown University this summer season and did now not realize if he may want to balance competitive skating and classes.

Zhou took bronze at March’s global championships, which Chen skipped Brown, a 27-12 months-antique who turned into sixth at 

the Olympics, is on “a mini smash from the aggressive grind of training” and could  subsequent steps within the fall, a 

representative stated The pinnacle returning U.S. Guys’s skater is Ilia Malinin, the 17-12 months-vintage global junior champion.

Bell, 26 and the reigning national champion, hasn’t made any destiny choices other than now not competing on this year’s Grand  representative said.