Nicole Kidman’s biceps, Davina McCall’s six-pack: could you get ripped in your 50s?

On magazine covers, billboards and TV screens, center-elderly celebrities are flaunting their fats-loose, flawlessly toned muscle  

tissues. How hardis it for the average fiftysomething to measure up? And what will it do to the rest of your existence?

Could Nicole Kidman possibly be actual? That become the question springing from her photoshoot for Perfect 

mag, wherein the 55-yr-old adopts a strength victory pose, flexing fingers like a bodybuilder, her biceps taut, large,

extremely specified. She seems like an anatomical drawing, and as though she ought to pull a truck out of a swamp. I become 

bewitched by her legs. ’s hard to peer muscle definition, head on, on a leg. Oh boy, no longer any more. The Daily Mail said she appeared 

“many years younger”  than her age, which isn't always genuine, seeing that we don’t tend to age one another by our hands (it’s all within

the eyes, parents). What she does appearance is simply ripped, in her 50s. She looks like an elite athlete,

as does Davina McCall, fifty four, together with her rock-difficult six-p.C. Or even Huw Edwards, sixty one, who triggered a stir via