Move To Leadoff Spot Paying Off For Oneil Cruz

Through his first fifty four games of the season, Pittsburgh Pirates rookie shortstop Oneil Cruz wasn’t able to discover his groove

on the plate In those fifty four games, Cruz hit underneath the Mendoza Line, checking in with a .198 average. That mark 

became observed via a .641 OPS and eighty one strikeouts in 212 plate appearances (38% strikeout rate). Cruz changed into most often

penciled in towards the lowest half of of the Bucs’ lineup over that extend, maximum commonly in the sixth spot of the batting order

In an effort to jump start the rookie, manager Derek Shelton determined to move him to the top spot of the 

lineup on Aug. 28, and has finished so every game when you consider that This was a approach that turned 

into utilized by another  Pirates’ manager with another capacity celeb over 30 years in the past In Barry Bonds’ 

rookie season with Pittsburgh in 1986, then-Pirates supervisor Jim Leyland automatically hit Bonds first in the lineup 

which will assist him grow to be a extra selective hitter. As it did 36 years in the past with Leyland and Bonds, the move via Shelton