Ranbir Kapoor reveals how he tolerates Alia Bhatt's sound asleep positions: ‘She begins shifting and…' Ranbir Kapoor has spoken approximately 

Alia Bhatt's slumbering positions. Here's why he said he struggles whilst dozing with Alia. Actor Ranbir Kapoor has discovered the sleepy time antics 

of his wife-actor Alia Bhatt and the way he tolerates them. In a new interview, Ranbir spoke approximately how he struggles even as 

slumbering with Alia Bhatt. When asked a first-rate of Alia that Ranbir admires, he said that she is 'first rate' in something Ranbir Kapoor says 

there was 'negativity' in the direction of films; Alia Bhatt says film industry prayed for Brahmastra to do properly) Alia and Ranbir tied their knot on April 14, 2022, 

 after dating for many years, at his Mumbai residence in an intimate ceremony. Two months after their marriage, the couple announced that Alia is looking

ahead to her first infant with Ranbir. Taking to Instagram in June this year, Alia published a picture as she lay on a hospital bed with Ranbir sitting through her side.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, whilst requested approximately fine of Alia that Ranbir 'tolerates', the actor replied, "What

happens along with her whilst she sleeps is that she begins shifting diagonally and eventually your bed area turns into smaller and smaller. 

Her head is somewhere, her legs are someplace, and subsequently, I'm at the nook of the bed, actually suffering with that."Replying to the same query about Ranbir,