Samar Khan: The visuals of Shoorveer are the hero of our show - Exclusive

Filmmaker and producer Samar Khan has made a career telling acclaimed stories around the arena of Indian Armed Forces 

and his brand new show Shoorveer has controlled to continue the superb lifestyle for him. The show has been properly-acquired

with the aid of critics and audiences alike. To speak this display headlined by means of Regina Cassandra, 

Armaan Ralhan and Anjali Barot Samar spoke to ETimes The guy who's made films like Shaurya, proposing Kay Kay Menon

got here while some years in the past a decision changed into made that the Indian Armed Forces could have a CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) and 

General Bipin Rawat was the primary to occupy that role. After that there has been a choice that all the Indian Armed Forces can be divided into theatres

and there could be one Central command for all theatres within the army, army and air pressure That's while it struck Sanar that in the close to destiny

there will be a mixed defence force comprising of people from the army, army and airforce. He added, "They can be India's first response crew.

It was a fictitious idea but so became my preceding collection Test Case approximately females in fight. So the idea here turned into to show off a

combined forces made from the first-rate from the 3 armed forces. It would not really exist in truth yet, however I feel, in a few years with a purpose to be a reality."

Samar is the creator of Shoorveer and several different defense force inspired shows like Avrodh, Code M and The Test Case.

Talking about the convenience with which OTT systems reply to such shows, Samar said, "It has become easier to pitch 

such subjects today than it changed into some years in the past. The OTT popularity is permitting human beings to adopt new narratives

and it is opening up the world for brand spanking new filmmakers to set their memories in. I can proudly say that The Test Case was one of the first